Rolf-Ingo Strackerjan

Friday, February 28 2014
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Today’s interview is with Rolf-Ingo Strackerjan, team manager of Atlantic Racing. ATL was formed in 1989 with the intent to go road racing and looking for opportunities in the commercial racing business. Over the years they participated in all kinds of series, FF1600/2000; FRenault; Indy Lights; IMSA; GT and FBMW to name a few. WOLF, the Bellarosa family and ATL having the same vision – bringing together the fastest cars with the fastest drivers! This “mass” is what brought ATL into the WOLF family!

Q: What were your key reasons behind entering the 2014 Asian LMS, and what are your objectives for the year?

A: As you know we tried in 2013 to enter a LMP2 car; financial limitation from the drivers stopped this project. 2014 is different -the new group CN opened the door to solid funding, an excellent car, and being a factory team. We can offer to our drivers what few teams can offer now – working side by side with the factory’s new projects, LMP 2 and 3 car development work!

Q: CN prototypes are a new racing class for the 2014 Asian LMS, what new opportunities to CN prototypes offer?

A: A smart move on part of the organizers to include CN cars for this and next year along with the new 2015 created LMP 3 cars from as many as 7 manufacturers! These new prototype classes will enhance the field and competition in the Asian LeMans series for sure. We, and for our customers in Asia, will make sure that each time a WOLF car is on the grid, it also has the best chances to be on the podium. Please note that we are not competing against our customers but with them!

Q: In your opinion, what will be the most important factor for the success for Asian LMS 2014?

A: Easy, nearly too easy to answer:
a fair grid;
All participants need to have the same interest to make this series as entertaining for the public as possible;
a good organization;
Budget orientated series with cost conscious regulations; and
Lots of grid girls ( not kidding)!

Q: How do you see motorsports in Asia right now, and how do you think Asian LMS can help the sport?

A: Asian motorsport is young for mainstream Asians and not too many understand the sport as such-yet! Asian Le Mans Series is doing terrific PR work and has to continue to do so; equally also the teams need to do so. The CN class and LMP 3 idea will help a long way!