Richard Coleman

Friday, May 16 2014
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Today’s interview is with Richard COLEMAN, Craft-Bamboo Racing Group CEO.

Congratulations on the new joint venture, what do you think it means to you and the team?

Thank you, the new joint venture is fantastic in bringing two great teams together to become one global team. Frank Yu and Craft have done an excellent job in previous seasons so the objective is to build on that success. Bamboo Engineering have had years of experience in top level motorsport such as WTCC, GP3, and now WEC. Asia is a key market for many of our partners and sponsors and we will look to cement our position as one of the leading teams.

What makes Asian LMS so unique & appealing when compared to other motorsports?

Asian LMS is an incredibly well run championship, everyone knows of its professionalism and integrity. It is unique as it brings endurance racing to Asia, something a bit unknown yet proven to be highly successful across the globe. I have personally known Mark Thomas for a number of years and I have seen first hand the job he and his team do. The fact you can earn an entry to the Le Mans 24 Hour race makes the series very special.

What qualities would a driver have to demonstrate in order to become 2014 Asian LMS champion?

It’s clear the series is becoming more and more competitive, any driver will not only need to be incredibly quick, but they need to be fit to endure the heat at most of the events, smart as in all endurance racing and of course a team player – no driver can win on their own.

With the new team, what do you hope to achieve from the upcoming 2014 Asian LMS?

We hope to be competitive from the first race and challenge for the championship in both the LMP2 and the CN Prototype categories