Jun-San CHEN

Monday, December 1 2014
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Today we picked Jun-San Chen, the founder of Team AAI, it was established in 1991, has now became one of the top ranking premier racing team in East Asia with Jun-San Chen as the main race car driver for Team AAI.

Team AAI has participated in race events such as ATCS, European FIA Blancpain Endurance Series, and Asian Le Mans Series to name a few with outstanding performance under its belt. With hard work, skillful drivers, and most importantly its devoted fans at Team AAI more championships are to come!

1. After 3 Races of 2014 Asian Le Mans Series, now you are the driver leading GT Category, what would you like to share?

Team AAI is happy to be the current point’s leader. We at Team AAI, likes a good computation to better improve ourselves and learn from each other. Since last year, Asian Le Mans has been our biggest goal and priority. As there is still one final race at Sepang International Circuit, We cannot put our guard down just yet. We want to do our best to improve ourselves to get better stats even if we are the current point’s leader.

2. What makes Asian LMS so unique & appealing when compared to other motorsports?

Le Mans has a long history and being the legionary “Mystical” race, has always been a race car drivers dream to be a part of, including myself which holds its sentimental values. Different from most races in Asia, the Le Mans Series is an endurance race that pushes both car and drivers to its peak. Asian LMS has brought Team AAI the opportunity to train and compete in enduring long races to help accumulated experience. Of course we would need to come up with more budgets in the Asian LMS then other events, but I’m sure it will be worth the wild.

3. How do you see motorsports in Asia right now? Do you think Asian Le Mans Series could help promote motorsports in Asia and help Asian drivers to improve?

Due to the world economy, racing itself in different regions around the world has taken its hit. But in Asia, motor sport has been growing slowly, and will keep increasing in speed in the near feature. I see that Asian LMS will have a bright feature here in Asia with its strict rules will definitely help drivers to push and improve themselves to their limits and to another level.