Asian Le Mans Series welcomes Champions to Le Mans

Monday, June 11 2018
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An impressive line-up of past Asian Le Mans Series champions will be on the grid for the 2018 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend. 
Launched in 2013 by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), the Asian Le Mans Series is rapidly becoming a key part of the endurance racing ladder. It is playing a vital role in the development of both teams and drivers in the region. 
The success of the Asian Series as an important step will be on display this week with five championship winning teams entering six cars in the main 24-hour race, and two cars in the Road to Le Mans support races between them. In addition, there will be eleven championship winning drivers, eight racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and three in the Road to Le Mans. 
The past three Asian Le Mans Series ‘Rookie of the Year’ award winners, Thomas Laurent (2015/16), Philip Hanson (2016/17), and Harrison Newey (2017/18) will also take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Cyrille Taesch-Wahlen, Asian Le Mans Series Managing Director:
“We are very proud to see so many of our teams and drivers racing here this weekend. One of the key objectives of the Asian Le Mans Series is the growth and development of motorsport in Asia, in particular prototype racing which is relatively new in the region. The Series provides a solid springboard for teams and drivers seeking to race in the pinnacle of the ACO Endurance pyramid, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
“We wish all the Asian Le Mans Series teams and drivers racing here this weekend a safe a successful campaign.” 

2017 – A Break though year for Asian Le Mans Series graduates at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

Asian Le Mans Series competitors made a significant impact on the results of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2017. Leading the way was Chinese LMP2 team, Jackie Chan DC Racing x JOTA Sport. Not only did they claim the LMP2 Class victory, they also came home second overall after heavy attrition hit the premier class. 
The team became the first ever Chinese team to lead the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Ho-Pin Tung became the first Chinese driver to win a class at Le Mans. 
Singaporean team Clearwater Racing, also took the lead of the LM GTE Am class in the World Endurance Championship at Le Mans last year.


Asian Le Mans Series Champions competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans:
Jackie Chan DC Racing x JOTA Sport
2017/18 – LMP2 and LMP3 Champions
2016/17 – 2nd LMP2 & 3rd LMP3
2015/16 – LMP3 Champions
2014 – LMP2 Champions
2013 – LMP2 Champions
Algarve Pro Racing Team:
2017/18 Asian Le Mans Series LMP2 Gentleman’s Trophy.
2016/17 Asian Le Mans Series LMP2 Champions.
Eurasia Motorsport:
2016/17 –  2nd LMP2 Championship
Clearwater Racing:
2015/16 GT Champions
David Cheng:
2015/16 LMP3 Champion
2014 LMP2 Champion 
2013 LMP2 Champion
Ho-Pin Tung:
2015/16 LMP3 Champion 
2014 LMP2 Champion
Thomas Laurent: 
2017/18 LMP2 Champion
2016/17 2nd LMP2
2015/16 Race winner and part of the LMP3 winning team – missing the first round of the season. 
2015/18 Rookie of the year.
Harrison Newey: 
2017/18 LMP2 Champion 
2017/18 Rookie of the year
Stephane Richelmi: 
2017/18 LMP2 Champion
Gabriel Aubry: 
2017/18 Race winner and part of the LMP3 winning team for the final two races of the season.
Philip Hanson: 
2016/17 LMP3 Champion
2016/17 Rookie of the year
Weng Sun Mok:
2015/16 GT Champion
Keita Sawa: 
2015/16 GT Champion
Competing in the Road to Le Mans:Patrick Byrne:
2017/18 LMP3 Champion
TKS – Shinyo Sano: 
2016/17 GT Cup Champions
WIN Motorsport – William Lok: 
2017 Sprint Cup Champions (LMP3)